Businesses can enter the Mount Alexander Business Awards in one or more of the following categories:

Manufacturing, Construction and Trade

Manufacturing, construction or any other trade, businesses or sole trader.


Viticulture, horticulture, dairy, livestock etc. businesses that provide goods and/or services within the primary industries, or who value add to the agricultural products chain.

Retail and Hospitality

Any business who offers a retail, hospitality, visitor service or experience for locals and visitors or offers a product to the general public.

Micro business

Sole operators / home based business operating in any industry. Must be one person only – no employees.

Professional Services

Professional service including but not limited to financial services, legal services, engineering services.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and allied health services including medical and dental services, health services such as chiropractic, osteopathic, beauty and spa, physiotherapy and remedial massage.

Tourism and Events

Open to any business who offers a visitor experience or service e.g. an attraction, event, market, tour operator or accommodation provider.

Creative Industries

Operates within creative industries such as gastronomy (as per the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network) , music, sound recording, writing, publishing and print media, advertising, marketing, film, television and radio, architectural services, design and visual arts, videography or photography.

is not a category that can be chosen, however it will be recognised and acknowledged with an award based on any business that has proactively created a more inclusive and accessible customer experience.