Congratulations on your nomination for the Mount Alexander Business Awards!

The Mount Alexander Business Awards will recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses whose passion and commitment make our Shire such a unique place to live, work and visit.
That’s you!

We believe it’s vital to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work undertaken by our business community across the Shire. Entering these awards will provide you with an opportunity to step away from the day to day and look at your business strategically – or to work on the business rather than in the business. This is particularly important after such a challenging 18 months - we want to see how businesses have adapted to the ever changing pandemic environment. You will benefit from significant media coverage, with finalists and winners being able to utilise the ongoing media opportunities associated with the awards program.

Finalists and winners will be honoured at an evening celebration in December.

Choose your award category (you may enter in up to two categories). Complete the entry form by Monday 4 October. Please ensure you do not exceed the word limit. You may answer questions in dot point form and if you would like to submit attachments, please mail them to ( 5 MB limit)

Read our Terms and Conditions below. If you don’t complete your entry now, and want to return to it at a later time, you have the option to save your entry.

If you have any questions about the entry form, contact Marg Barry, Business Awards Officer on 5471 1851 or email

Contact name*
Which category are you applying for?
Briefly describe your business operations. For example: Your products, services, customers, markets. (Maximum 150 words)
a) What goals and milestones has your business achieved in the recent past (1-3 years)?
b) What is the plan of the business in the next 1-3 years and how do you intend to achieve this? For example: Increased sales, expanded production and locations, increased employment.
c) How do you intend to measure your progress?
(Maximum 350 words)
Describe the ways your business has been able to ‘pivot’ and innovate in the constantly challenging pandemic environment. (Maximum 350 words)
a) Describe any innovative practices you have implemented or are currently implementing. For example: Improving a product, service or process.
b) How have you addressed an issue by thinking outside the square?
(Maximum 250 words)
a) How do you market and promote your business? For example: branding, promotional material, social media etc.
b) What strategies do you implement to ensure your business stands out from your competitors?
c) How does your business provide customers with a special experience which exceeds their expectations?
d) Describe how you collaborate with other local businesses to market and package the local product/industry/sector.
e) How do you evaluate your marketing?
(Maximum 250 words)
a) What risk management measures does your business have in place? For example: OH&S, IT security, fraud prevention, loss prevention, quality control, cash flow fluctuations, crime prevention, natural disaster, draught and or flood etc.
b) Describe any environmental/societal benefits which have been achieved.
c) Describe how the outcomes from the initiative will impact on your organisation, or more broadly, on your industry sector.
(Maximum 250 words)
a) Describe the steps taken to make your business accessible and welcoming to all customers and employees, both physically and culturally. For example: accessible websites, wide corridors or ramps for wheel chair access, gender and age equity when employing staff etc.
b) Describe how the outcomes from the initiative will impact on your organisation, or more broadly, on your industry sector.
(Maximum 250 words)
a) What measures do you have in place to ensure environmental sustainability within your business? For example: Waste and emission reduction, Water conservation, Recycling, Efficient heating and cooling practices, Solar Power, Participation with industry groups or compliance with industry guidelines.
(Maximum 250 words)
a) Explain how you achieve and measure quality customer service in your business. For example: Collecting feedback and implementation of improvements, Customer service policy, Strategy for difficult customers, Participation with industry groups or compliance with industry guidelines.
(Maximum 250 words)
a) Describe your business’s involvement in the local community. For example: Employing local residents, Membership of local groups or service clubs, Sponsorship of local groups, Internships and traineeships for young people, Collaborating with local businesses to showcase local product and or services.
(Maximum 250 words)
(Maximum 150 words)
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The following information has been prepared to assist you with submitting an entry for the Mount Alexander Business Awards.

Entry into the Awards is open to all businesses with an ABN in the Mount Alexander Shire.

You are encouraged to carefully review the details for each category before submitting an entry. Once your entry has been submitted you will not be able to amend it.

Conditions of Entry

Applications are only accepted online via this website and Council is not responsible for entries that are not provided in viewable online format for any reason.

The General Information section must be fully completed and all the entry form questions for the applicable category must be answered.

You may separately email supporting documentation if you wish (PDF, JPEG or Word formats only – file size limits must be adhered to). If sending supporting documentation, all questions in the entry form must also be answered. For example, a response which says “refer to Attachment” will not be acceptable and may lead to your application being disregarded.

Applicants can enter more than one category but duplicate entries will be disqualified.

Judges, sponsors, employees of Mount Alexander Shire Council and members of their family/household are not eligible to enter.

All applications will be judged by an independent panel of judges. The judging panel decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

As part of the judging process, judges may wish to conduct a site visit. A site visit may be notified in advance or anonymous.

Information submitted by applicants will be treated as commercial-in-confidence and only used for the purposes of judging the Awards. Judges will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy and intellectual property.

Applicants give consent to promotional exposure, including a short case study of their entry, if selected as a finalist or Award recipient.

Mount Alexander Shire Council reserves the right not to declare any finalists or a winner in a particular category, based on a recommendation from the judging panel.

Mount Alexander Shire Council reserves the right to disqualify any applicant failing to comply with the requirements of any permits issued by Council, or is the subject of current or pending prosecution under workplace OH&S legislation or the Fair Work Act.

Useful tips for submitting your entry

Be clear and concise in answering all questions for the category – make it easy for the judges to understand what you did, how you did it and what the outcomes were.

Avoid technical jargon – keep it simple. Bear in mind the judging panel may not be familiar with industry-specific terminology.

Your application must address the judging criteria. Details are in the Award Categories section.